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Now available on Amazon...

Now Available on Amazon: The latest release of short stories from paranormal author, Heidi Hess.

This travel-themed collection spans the globe and has you questioning reality as you know it, with twists and turns characteristic of Heidi's writing style. Visit the lush jungles of Belize, the quiet trails of the Catskills or war-torn London during World War II. 


Released Summer 2022, The Short End of Madness is still available on Amazon in paperback and ebook. If you would like a copy, follow the link here:  

Madness. What drives people to it? Seven short stories of varying degrees and themes come from the imagination of Heidi Hess. Paint yourself blue, listen to the aliens, seek counsel from a Voodoo priestess or the Ouija board. But whatever you do, hold on tight to your grip on reality. These pages will push you to the brink of something you will not be able to avoid…madness.

Anthologies featuring short stories by Heidi Hess and a lot of really talented authors...

Dead Signal Cover.jpg

Dead Signals//Lost Transmissions features a side story to Chasing Elpis (in A Light That Never Goes Out) titled Higher Signal.  Lost at sea, Chris and his crew are losing hope.  Try as he may to get back in touch with the voice that has guided him this far, Chris has lost the transmission from what he calls his higher power,  What is he to do?  What will become of him? Better yet - who was he communicating
with? Get a copy of Dead Signals//Lost Transmissions to find out. Click the button to get your copy. 


LoveLost Cover.jpg

Love Lost. The title of this anthology says it all - brace yourself folks, "Longing" isn't a happy ending.  Perhaps it's a different kind of ending,  Claudia and Corey fell hard for each other.  He's the new kid in school and not much is known about his family but that didn't stop Claudia from adoring him.  And now, he's a no show at school... no call... no text... and when she stops by his house - he's gone.  After writing this paranormal love story I realized... loves sad cousin is "Longing" and it lives in the vacant spots in our heart.  Get your copy of LOVE LOST to find out what happened to Corey and to be reminded that sometimes the most real things live inside of us. Click the button to get your copy.


A Light That Never Goes Out

The power of hope during bleak times is perfectly captured in this hope themed anthology and includes poems, art and short stories.

Chasing Elpis, is a sci-fi short story that follows three separate civilizations each facing their own unique challenges, each on the brink of destruction.  Legend has it that a great comet will streak across the sky.  Will this comet be the answer to their prayers or bring certain death?  Buy your copy today to find out how it all ends... or begins?


It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies. 
DandT's horror anthology featuring:  Spin The Bottle by Heidi Hess. A collection of short stories from some talented writers.  In this collection you will find a short story by Heidi Hess titled 'Spin The Bottle.'  A shiny green bottle, new friends at a party, each with their own ill intentions.  What could possibly go wrong?  Find out.
Click the button to get your copy. 

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