It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies
DandT's horror anthology
Featuring:  Spin The Bottle by Heidi Hess

A collection horror stories from some talented writers.  In this collection you will find a short story by Heidi Hess titled 'Spin The Bottle.'  A shiny green bottle, new friends at a party each with their own ill intentions.  What could possibly go wrong?  Find out.  

A Light That Never Goes Out
Neon Sunrise's hope themed anthology
Featuring: Chasing Elpis by Heidi Hess

Hope has been contained and collected in this anthology in the form of poems and short stories.  Chasing Elpis is a sci-fi tale that has three separate civilizations vying for ownership of a comet.  Who will get there first?  The race is on.. 

Its All Fun And Games Until Somebody Dies

Published by D&T Publishing

Featuring the short story Spin The Bottle by Heidi Hess

Remember the games we all played as kids?  What would happen if those games turned deadly.  This horror anthology is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and sufficiently scared.  

Spin the Bottle takes place in a small town where popularity is glorified and horrific actions are excused based on status. Revenge takes on a new pretty face.  What could possibly go wrong with an innocent game of Spin the Bottle?  Get your copy and find out.  

A Light That Never Goes Out

Published by Neon Sunrise Publishing

Featuring the short story Chasing Elpis by Heidi Hess

The power of hope during bleak times is perfectly captured in this hope themed anthology and includes poems, art and short stories.


Chasing Elpis is a sci-fi short story that follows three separate civilizations each facing their own unique challenges, each on the brink of destruction.  Legend has it that a great comet will streak across the sky.  Will this comet be the answer to their prayers or bring certain death?  Buy your copy today to find out how it all ends... or begins?